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Additional Value in Every Quote

While we fully believe that Technetics already offers an outstanding service, occasionally we are able to offer our highly valued customers something extra as well.

We are currently offering to include a backup drive, which provides a trouble-free solution to any indiviaul or business attempting to back up their data. Anyone who has an issue with a failed drive can send in the device in question, and we will recover it and back it up onto a Technetics approved external drive.

Now you can not only offer your customers our expertise as an add-on to your service, your customers will enjoy a solution that will not only recover their data but provide protection against data loss in the future. 

Technetics is proud to be offering this particular drive as part of our overall service. We fully believe that this makes our already unprecedented data recovery service even more attractive to individuals and businesses of all sizes. For more information on our service or to request a quote, please call us on 1300 880 636.

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Considering the job at hand I am very happy with the level of service provided by your company. I received feedback throughout the entire process and had the drive returned within reasonable timeframe. Whilst I am hoping to never require your service again I would certainly have no hesitation in using your company if the situation was to arise again.


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