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Who Is Tracking Your Online Activity?

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Your online activity is being watched. There is a vast network of hidden trackers on most of the websites you browse and the apps you use. Not all tracking is malicious. Many web services rely on user data to enhance your online experience and provide relevant content. Sometimes the tracking enables websites to recommend products you might like or friends you could connect with.

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The Commercial Myth and Folly of Data Storage

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A revolution has taken place in the computing world over the last few years with the popularisation of cloud computing. Many people are still not fully acquainted with this particular technology, but it is already changing people’s lives all over the world. Almost all of us utilize cloud services in some manner or other on a daily basis, given the number of online sites that have been entirely migrated to this data-intensive form of computing.

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Toshiba And Intel Announce Storage Revolution


Storage media has evolved rapidly from the days when only a paltry amount of memory could be stored by a device the size of a single room. Today, it is possible to store gigabytes of information on a device which is no larger than a human thumb. But with exponential growth in information emanating from the phenomenon of Big Data, it is inevitable that the amount of data being stored will increase.

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Beware of cheap online software


All companies today operate in an incredibly competitive business environment. Not only can margins of profit be extremely slim, but it is almost always a necessity to compete with businesses from all four corners of the planet. However, sometimes cutting corners may seem to make economic sense, but can actually be disastrous for the fiscal competitiveness of a company.

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