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b2ap3_thumbnail_old_tech_security_risk_400.jpgOne of the greatest things about today’s technology is that it has grown more mobile, and some employees like to bring their own devices from home to use for their workplace. This is called BYOD, and while it is useful sometimes, it might be putting your business at risk.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_hard_drive_basics_400.jpgYou’ve heard about how bad a computer crash can be. You may have even experienced a crash yourself, but are you familiar with the technical reason behind a crash? A crash happens when the tiny pieces of a hard disk drive stop working by crashing into each other at very high speeds. When this happens, the data on your computer is lost.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_sony_185tb_tape_revolutionary_400.jpgIn this day and age, your company’s data is extremely important. Without it, your company would likely cease to exist. But, it’s not just you – the entire world is this way, and the more information that’s out there, the more storage and backup that is needed. Professionals are constantly looking for ways to expand the way we store data, and last month, Sony managed to discover something entirely new that may change the way that we store our information.

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I heard about you through the techs at my work; someone they knew had used your services and were really happy. I then looked you up on the internet and found the website was easy for me to follow and I understood the procedure of data recovery, which was important to me.The ensuing service was fantastic. The quote was quick to arrive, and again the procedure so clearly explained. It took me ages to get myself organised and send my back-up drive. Your representative was wonderful, very patient and emailed me a couple of times, asking very politely if I'd sent it yet! When I finally did send it, it was returned promptly and packaged very securely.Overall I was extremely pleased with all aspects of your service. I would definitely recommend Technetics Data Recovery to anyone who needs to rectify a hard drive disaster!


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