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The amount of information that is now being stored on computers is more than ever before. Most of this information is personal, and ranges from tax returns and resumes, to photos and videos of our favourite moments in life. Most of the time this is kept on a hard drive or other storage devices that often holds all of the information we have.

So imagine the pain and anguish you would go through if this were to become lost. These types of storage devices, especially portable hard drives and USB sticks, are prone to being damaged, which can result in most, if not all, of your information disappearing. But don’t distress, there are services out there that can help you recover that data. These businesses specialise in working with various media types to bring back everything possible.

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It’s no secret that we live in an advanced technological world. One important part of this newly changed world is the computer. This modern day device has transformed our way of life and culture exponentially. While technology has made certain parts of our lives easier, it’s also created a new set of problems as well. After all, computers are only machines meaning they’ll eventually break down from general wear or overuse.

One way in which computers break down is known as a hard drive crash. For anyone who has experienced this type of failure, it’s usually a painful nightmare to deal with. So what should you do if you experience a hard drive crash? We’ll offer some essential data recovery basics.

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wearables it procurement

Most consumers and businesses have not yet fully embraced wearable technology, however one notable exception is the healthcare industry, where wearable devices are rapidly gaining wide acceptance.

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intel compute stick procurement

It’s a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. The Intel Compute Stick is a self-contained Windows 8.1 desktop PC that’s only slightly larger than a USB flash drive. It comes with 2GB of memory, a 1.3GHz Atom Z3735F processor, and 32GB Flash storage. Just plug it into the HDMI port of your monitor or big-screen TV, and off you go!

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Computer backup tapes for data recovery

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Any business can lose tape data as a result of software issues, backup failure, overwritten media, drive malfunction, or physical damage. But with the right data recovery procedure, data can often be fully recovered.

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Big Data IT Support

Big Data is one of the top buzzwords of 2015. But what does it really mean?

Every organisation needs to fully understand Big Data, and how they can use it to improve their business operations. 

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online tracking

Your online activity is being watched. There is a vast network of hidden trackers on most of the websites you browse and the apps you use. Not all tracking is malicious. Many web services rely on user data to enhance your online experience and provide relevant content. Sometimes the tracking enables websites to recommend products you might like or friends you could connect with.

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A revolution has taken place in the computing world over the last few years with the popularisation of cloud computing. Many people are still not fully acquainted with this particular technology, but it is already changing people’s lives all over the world. Almost all of us utilize cloud services in some manner or other on a daily basis, given the number of online sites that have been entirely migrated to this data-intensive form of computing.

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Storage media has evolved rapidly from the days when only a paltry amount of memory could be stored by a device the size of a single room. Today, it is possible to store gigabytes of information on a device which is no larger than a human thumb. But with exponential growth in information emanating from the phenomenon of Big Data, it is inevitable that the amount of data being stored will increase.

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Apple has finally unveiled one of the worst kept secrets in the history of consumer electronics, its first smartwatch entitled the Apple Watch. Analysts have been predicting for some time that Apple would release a smartwatch, as the company had already promised in 2014 that it would develop new product lines in an attempt to increase revenue.


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