Apple CarPlay vs Google Android Auto – The Battle for Dashboard Supremacy

apple carplay

Smartphone integration is improving rapidly, and becoming an important point of differentiation for auto manufacturers. Apple and Google are going head to head in a battle for your car. Both companies have introduced user-friendly mobile interfaces that integrate with your vehicle, to make driving more enjoyable and safer by leveraging the built-in display on your dashboard.

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What to Look for in a Data Recovery Service?

The amount of information that is now being stored on computers is more than ever before. Most of this information is personal, and ranges from tax returns and resumes, to photos and videos of our favourite moments in life. Most of the time this is kept on a hard drive or other storage devices that often holds all of the information we have.

So imagine the pain and anguish you would go through if this were to become lost. These types of storage devices, especially portable hard drives and USB sticks, are prone to being damaged, which can result in most, if not all, of your information disappearing. But don’t distress, there are services out there that can help you recover that data. These businesses specialise in working with various media types to bring back everything possible.

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Hard Drive Crash? The Essential Data Recovery Basics

by in Uncategorized. Posted May 26, 2015

It’s no secret that we live in an advanced technological world. One important part of this newly changed world is the computer. This modern day device has transformed our way of life and culture exponentially. While technology has made certain parts of our lives easier, it’s also created a new set of problems as well. After all, computers are only machines meaning they’ll eventually break down from general wear or overuse.

One way in which computers break down is known as a hard drive crash. For anyone who has experienced this type of failure, it’s usually a painful nightmare to deal with. So what should you do if you experience a hard drive crash? We’ll offer some essential data recovery basics.

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