Are Cheap Hard Drives Worth the Money?


A new hard drive by Seagate is offering a whopping eight terabytes of storage space. That’s quite a few holiday snapshots or spreadsheets! The price tag for this gargantuan amount of space is a little more than $300 AUD—or just about 4 cents per gigabyte. This seems like an amazing deal, so let’s take a closer look at a few aspects of the drive you should consider before purchasing.

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Happy Holidays from Technetics!


The end of 2014 is quickly approaching, and we’re happily closing out another exciting year for business-driven technology at Technetics! Interest in the solutions we provide, including services like Cloud and VOIP, increased quite a bit again this year in line with advancements in the technology. At Technetics Data, because of our continued investment in our onsite Class 100 Clean Room, we were able to increase successful recovery rates on a number of different devices. We had an amazing 2014, and we’re incredibly curious to see where things are going!

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Dropbox sync glitch results in loss of data


One of the most successful cloud-based technologies to have been established thus far is Dropbox. The data storage site has been used by millions of people all over the world, and is becoming particularly useful for businesses who want to store vast amounts of data in the cloud. According to the company itself, Dropbox has already accumulated 300 million users worldwide, and the service has probably done as much as any other to popularise the idea of the cloud.

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November Featured Product

HP Slate Pro All-in-One Desktop PC (F7U54AA) (Android OS)


Price $549 Inc. GST. Delivery $20 Metro!

Strictly limited stock!


This all-rounder is the ideal device for the office or home entertainment . It runs Android OS and has a compelling new generation of local and cloud-based business apps. If you are looking for the perfect day-to-day assistant this is the PC for you!

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