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The end of 2014 is quickly approaching, and we’re happily closing out another exciting year for business-driven technology at Technetics! Interest in the solutions we provide, including services like Cloud and VOIP, increased quite a bit again this year in line with advancements in the technology. At Technetics Data, because of our continued investment in our onsite Class 100 Clean Room, we were able to increase successful recovery rates on a number of different devices. We had an amazing 2014, and we’re incredibly curious to see where things are going!

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Boost your customer satisfaction and earn commissions with our Partner Referral System! Your customers will receive our award-winning service, and you’ll receive a commission when you refer them to us. This year, the top commission paid out for a single job was $580!

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Data loss is a fear that plagues many companies. There can be a few more debilitating things for a business to experience than the loss of critical data. With this in mind, it is always advisable to put extremely durable data backup and disaster recovery plans in place.

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One of the most successful cloud-based technologies to have been established thus far is Dropbox. The data storage site has been used by millions of people all over the world, and is becoming particularly useful for businesses who want to store vast amounts of data in the cloud. According to the company itself, Dropbox has already accumulated 300 million users worldwide, and the service has probably done as much as any other to popularise the idea of the cloud.

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HP Slate Pro All-in-One Desktop PC (F7U54AA) (Android OS)


Price $549 Inc. GST. Delivery $20 Metro!

Strictly limited stock!


This all-rounder is the ideal device for the office or home entertainment . It runs Android OS and has a compelling new generation of local and cloud-based business apps. If you are looking for the perfect day-to-day assistant this is the PC for you!

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Due to the overwhelming response of the Partner Programs November Commissions and Discounts, we have decided to extend this initiative for the Xmas Period. As was the case for November, all the Data Recovery jobs which are submitted by the partner and are paid for in full within the month of December, the partner will receive a 15% commission from that particular job. Customers who have been referred by a partner, dealt with us directly and pay for their Data Recovery Job in full in the month of December, will receive an increased discount of %20. 

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It’s every user’s nightmare: just when you need your data the most, the hard drive you’ve relied on for years stops working. No reason, no warning; just a blinking light and an error message telling you nothing useful. It’s frustrating and potentially damaging to any business that relies on data to complete work. Fortunately, companies like Technetics are adept at retrieving information from non-working drives, so all is not necessarily lost!

But why do hard drives fail? Is it unavoidable that our documents and spreadsheets are suddenly unavailable without warning? What can we do to keep it from happening?

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There’s nothing worse than an important job or project that is heavily reliant on electronic files suddenly coming to a complete standstill because of lost or stolen data. At no other time in history has the smooth running of society depended so much on the reliability of our data-carrying devices.

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opened hard drive



Janet had called us and said my ‘hard drive has stopped working’. Her hard drive was making a beeping and a grinding sound and appeared to be unresponsive. To say she was upset would be an understatement. All her personal documents of her children and family were on that hard drive and she had not backed up her hard drive since purchasing it. 6 years of family pictures appeared to have been lost because her hard drive had stopped working.

Janet’s friend had used our services previously and told her to call us at Technetics Data Recovery. We explained to Janet why her hard drive had stopped working, taking her through a number of possible scenarios. Janet was keen to have the hard drive looked at by us so we could give her a quote on the job.

We performed a free inspection on the drive and when the results came back, we determined that her hard drive had stopped working because it suffered a mechanical issue. The drive was dead. She couldn’t believe it. However, we could help. The Mechanical Rebuild was started by our Lab technicians in our Class 100 clean room. 

Most of the calls we get start with, “my hard drive has stopped working” followed by “do you have class 100 clean room on site or do you outsource”. The answer is yes. We have one on site and we use it in all recoveries that are electrical and mechanical in nature. When a hard drive has stopped working completely and is making a grinding noise it often means there is a mechanical issue and that’s when the clean room comes into play.

Within a short period of time we had recovered all the data. We called Janet and said “remember the hard drive that had stopped working? Well all your data has been recovered”. Janet was over the moon and we were more than happy because it wasn’t just data we recovered but someone’s cherished family memories that cannot be cloned and replaced.

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File storage in cloud. 3D computer icon isolated on white

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloudfilecabinet.jpgThe cloud has been getting a lot of press lately, and not all of it good. Hailed as a saviour for storage-heavy businesses, recent events have raised some security concerns for the consumer-based model. If you’re thinking of moving your data to the cloud, you may be wondering what this means. Is it worth the effort of moving your files away from a hard-drive-based storage model to the cloud?

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I heard about you through the techs at my work; someone they knew had used your services and were really happy. I then looked you up on the internet and found the website was easy for me to follow and I understood the procedure of data recovery, which was important to me.The ensuing service was fantastic. The quote was quick to arrive, and again the procedure so clearly explained. It took me ages to get myself organised and send my back-up drive. Your representative was wonderful, very patient and emailed me a couple of times, asking very politely if I'd sent it yet! When I finally did send it, it was returned promptly and packaged very securely.Overall I was extremely pleased with all aspects of your service. I would definitely recommend Technetics Data Recovery to anyone who needs to rectify a hard drive disaster!


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