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Need Expert Hard Drive Data Recovery Services?

Technetics Data Recovery offers specialist data recovery services from all brands of hard drive suffering from a wide range of symptoms. To begin the recovery process, Fill in the ‘Book Free Inspection’ Form, upon which an automatic email will provide details on how to send/bring your media to us for a Free Inspection service. Or alternatively contact a friendly member of the team on 1300 880 636 to discuss your case.

We Perform Data Recovery of Hard Drives from a Wide Range of Media Including:
  • Desktop PC/iMac
  • Servers (Single and RAID)
  • Laptop PC/Mac
  • SANs, NASs, SNAP Servers
  • Portable Hard Drive (External Hard Drives)
  • Removable Hard Drives
Some Of The Brands We Recover From:
westerndigitalSeagate-Logo1Toshiba-logo1  samsung-logo1
  IBM-logo-300x2011 FujitsuSony-logo1 lacie-logo1
Top Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Hard Drive to Technetics Data Recovery
    Your Data is precious and you need to ensure the firm you take your hard drive to has the tools and skills necessary to ensure the best possible chance of successful data recovery
    Your Privacy is paramount, we handle data from large multinational corporations to domestic customers originating from rural Australia and regardless are very experienced in handling your data with the professionalism and security necessary in such a task
  • ONSITE Class 100 Clean Room
    Technetics has a Class 100 Clean Bench which removes harmful dust particles from the environment when performing a mechanical recovery, vital for delivering the best chance of recovery
    Our customer service team are dedicated to ensure you are aware of your job status at every step of the process
    Founded in 2003 and rapidly expanding to include a large folio of resellers and thousands of happy customers worldwide
  • NO Data NO Charge Policy
    If eligible for this policy and under the circumstance we are unable to recover any data we will not charge you the recovery fee, despite the cost and effort to us
Common symptoms that your hard drive media is requiring professional data recovery services are:
  • Hard drive is producing clunking sounds
  • Hard drive is producing knocking sounds
  • Hard drive is producing whistling sounds
  • Hard drive is producing grinding sounds
  • Hard drive is producing smoke
  • Hard drive is physically burnt
  • Hard drive is virus infected
  • Hard drive appears unformatted
  • Operating system freezing
  • Operating system hanging
  • Operating system not booting
  • Computer restarting
  • BIOS not detecting drive
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Accidental drive formatting
  • Accidental drive imaging
  • Unable to access operating system partition
  • Unable to access operating data partition/s
We constantly recover from the following operating systems and their corresponding file systems:
  • All Microsoft Platforms (Vista, 2003, XP, 2003, 2000, 98, 95, NT4, 3.11, DOS)
  • All Apple Mac Platforms
  • All Linux Platforms
  • All Novell Platforms

About Technetics Data Recovery

With many years experience in the field of data recovery the qualified and experienced data recovery team at Technetics will strive towards perfection when recovering your valuable data. With constant investment towards enhancement of our peoples’ knowledge and the latest technology available you can rest assured that your media will be handled with the utmost care and expertise. For more information about Technetics Data Recovery visit the corporate profile section of our website here.

We kindly offer a strict “no data no charge” recovery policy giving you peace of mind that both parties are sharing the same goal: successful data recovery.

Please review our Data Recovery FAQ’s and Technetics Data Recovery Process for further information.

Should you require professional data recovery services do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 880 636 or submit a query for an online quote.

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