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How to Recognize a Champion IT Professional

They Live and Breathe Technology

You can tell when somebody truly enjoys something. They could talk about it all day and it wouldn’t phase them. In fact, maybe that’s their favorite way of spending time, and that’s when it will hit you; this one is a great candidate for our IT services. And, not only will they work their job religiously, their love of IT will spread to others around them. This can inspire others to learn and work harder toward the ultimate goal of a quality IT sector for your business.

However, it also helps to have someone on the team who can communicate with both techies and non-techies alike. If technology is a foreign language to some of your employees, they won’t be engaged in any discussion about it. This can be avoided by making sure that you work with someone who is good at communicating thoughts without all of the confusing tech jargon. Talk about what the technology actually does and the business benefits, rather than how it works to segue them into the concept.

They Understand Data’s Purpose

Your entire existence is based on your company’s data, and you want a professional on your side who understands its importance. By making sure you hire only those who understand how data is connected to major software and applications, you’ll be taking a big step toward letting your company progress in the right direction. By analyzing your company’s data, you’ll have a better understanding of your business’s internal processes and business models.

This comes with the obvious benefit of helping you understand the technology industry a bit better. The CIO has a lot more on their mind than just IT, but some knowledge of it can’t hurt. By having tech professionals around you who know what they are doing, you’ll be able to better understand the business you are dealing with while pushing innovation within your company.

They Know Their Stuff

The most important part of hiring a new IT professional is whether or not they know what they’re talking about. They should have technical knowledge that coincides with their responsibilities within the business, and on the technologies that touch on that concept. They should also be willing to spread this knowledge to other sectors within your business. The more that everyone understands how important IT is, the more secure and versatile your staff and business will be.

When it comes to IT services, don’t accept anything less than the best for your business. Give Technetics Data a call at 1300 880 636 and we’ll show you how to make technology work FOR your business, not against it.


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The data recovery project we ask Technetics Data Recovery to do reached its final phase on Monday 5th February 2007.The recovered files were application software and data, which was originally written for the MS-DOS operating system, however can work in the Windows environment with some encouragement.On Monday we were able to get the application software running. The software contained large volumes of meteorological data which is not available elsewhere. We were able to retrieve data in ASCII format on the Monday. This means that the data recovery project has reached its hoped for outcome.I would like to thank Technetics Data Recovery for the way in which they dealt with this project. They ensured that the source data tape was not damaged, and the recovered data was kept securely until it could be passed back to us. The recovered data was in a form that the Bureau of Meteorology could use, and the outcome hoped for was the recovery of meteorological data files suitable for import to modern application software.Would you pass on my thanks to the Technetics Data Recovery team who contributed to what was for the Bureau of Meteorology, a great outcome.


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