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b2ap3_thumbnail_test_your_data_redundancy_system_400.jpgEvery business owner understands the importance of planning and the proper implementation of said plans. However, after everything is set up, it’s easy to overlook the testing of one’s plans, which can really come back to hurt you when all of your careful planning falls apart. Nowhere is this more true than with data recovery.

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Your company has a well thought out end-to-end process. From the moment the drives left our office, to when it they back with the recovered data it was almost seamless! Notification of when it was received, the quote & the recovery was fast paced.Free quotes are great because it gives our user base the opportunity to weight up if the data/cost is worth it to them or not.There were times were it took a few weeks to get an answer from the user, you were patient with this.Happy with the service, keep it up!


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