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b2ap3_thumbnail_sony_185tb_tape_revolutionary_400_20140908-153433_1.jpgIn this day and age, your company’s data is extremely important. Without it, your company would likely cease to exist. But, it’s not just you – the entire world is this way, and the more information that’s out there, the more storage and backup that is needed. Professionals are constantly looking for ways to expand the way we store data, and last month, Sony managed to discover something entirely new that may change the way that we store our information.

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Thank you Technetics Data Recovery for retrieving all of my data from my damaged portable hard-drive. I chose your company researching data recovery companies on the internet after i dropped my device on the floor. Technetics Data Recovery seemed the most genuine and I liked how there was no extra charge if you couldn't recover the data. I found the price to be a lot for me to deal with, but unfortunately I had my only copies of several years of family photos and documents from past computers stored on that hard drive, so I considered the price worth the end result. I have now learnt my lesson regarding backing up and keeping more than one copy of important files!! The staff at Technetics Data Recovery were very helpful and always kept me up to date on their progress. Thank you for helping me. I cried tears of relief as I watched and listened to the video clip of my children as toddlers opening their Christmas presents in 2004. This was the first thing I did when I received your parcel in the mail. It was very much worth it I the end. Thank you.


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