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b2ap3_thumbnail_sony_185tb_tape_revolutionary_400_20140908-153433_1.jpgIn this day and age, your company’s data is extremely important. Without it, your company would likely cease to exist. But, it’s not just you – the entire world is this way, and the more information that’s out there, the more storage and backup that is needed. Professionals are constantly looking for ways to expand the way we store data, and last month, Sony managed to discover something entirely new that may change the way that we store our information.

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I have been meaning to email Technetics Data Recovery to say how pleased I was with the overall experience!  Things have just been a bit hectic to get around to it until now.  When the mail arrived with my (very well-packaged) disk enclosed, I was extremely pleased with the results!  I thought that the pics from the concert I had been to were lost forever but still held out some hope that you could recover them and they were all there!  As I am from Canada and I am not totally familiar with what businesses around here cater to this kind of need, I searched the internet and found out about your business that way.  It seemed like quite a distance to ship my memory card, however I was willing to try anything and the internet site made it sound as though Technetics Data Recovery is the best in the business.  I was also impressed with the promise that there would be no charge if you were unable to recover any data from the memory card.  Communication was very good, and if anything, was only impaired by my busy work schedule at the hospital which does not allow me to access the computer very often or carry my cell phone on the unit!  I was kept well-informed of where things were at and when to expect my package.  The staffs at Technetics Data Recovery were all very professional and polite as well.  I would recommend Technetics without hesitation, and if I encounter any troubles in the future with my memory cards I know where to send them!Thanks again for everything!  I can now look back on the U2 concert without that disappointed feeling of not having any pics to show for it!


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