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Technetics Data Recovery has been recovering data from Seagate storage devices for over a decade. Having recovered literally thousands of Seagate devices we are uniquely placed as Australia’s leader in Seagate recoveries. Every storage device manufacturer works off the same foundation, yet they all defer in their own way. This makes each recovery slightly different depending on the make and the model of that particular storage device.

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Common Issues With Seagate Storage Devices

Seagate services all sectors in the market from multiple terabyte Consumer grade storage devices to reliable and speedy Enterprise grade Hard Drives. We have performed data recoveries on each and every Seagate range, however the majority of the Seagate devices we receive are the consumer grade Barracuda DM, DL, LP and Barracuda Green series.


Seagate’s consumer devices are known to have firmware issues. Some of the common symptoms are the drive cannot be detected, is not clicking or is running slowly.


The Barracuda series mentioned have been subject to fragile heads which are easily broken. This issue results in many of the drives coming to us via a mechanical defect. If the drive has a mechanical issue it needs to be built back up to a point where the data can safely and successfully be recovered. If your Seagate drive is making any unnatural noises such clicking, ticking or clunking,

we advise you turn the drive off immediately to avoid further damage and give us a call.


Like all storage devices, Seagate Hard Drives are susceptible to logical issues. These issues generally arise due to human error such as accidently deleting or overwriting files, as well as malicious attacks from software viruses.


We Recover From All Seagate Hard Drives:

Desktop Internal Hard Drives Portable Hard Drives
Laptop Internal Hard Drives Wireless Hard Drives
Mac Internal Hard Drives Server Hard Drives




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