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Technetics Data Recovery has been recovering data from Western Digital devices for over a decade. After recovering literally thousands of WD devices are we uniquely placed as Australia’s expert at Western Digital recoveries. Every storage device manufacturer works off the same foundation, yet they all defer in their own way. This makes each recovery slightly different depending on the make and the model of that particular storage device.

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Common Issues With Western Digital Storage Devices

Like many of the other manufacturers, Western Digital has a range of devices from Consumer grade to Enterprise. We have performed data recoveries on all WD models, however it’s the lower end Caviar Green and Caviar Blue that are by far the hard drives we see most.  These two models are commonly found in Mac and Windows Desktops, Laptops and WD external hard drives.

Bad Sectors and Firmware

Western Digital Caviar Green and Blue are especially susceptible to developing bad sectors within the drive. Once these reach a certain level of damage the drive will no longer be able to read and write the data on the device. Another issue with Western Digital Hard Drives has arisen after a fairly recent update to the firmware has proven problematic in the Green and Blue models.


As these two models were mass produced, they often experience mechanical problems due to the comparatively low quality parts within the Hard Drive. Mechanical issues are generally characterised by ‘clicking’, ‘ticking’ or ‘grinding’ sounds.


Like all storage devices, Western Digital Hard Drives are susceptible to logical issues. These issues generally arise due to human error such as accidently deleting or overwriting files, as well as malicious attacks from software viruses.


We Recover From All Western Digital Series:

WD Blue WD Re
WD Green WD Re+
WD Black WD Se
WD Red WD Ae
WD Red Pro WD Purple
WD Black² WD VelociRaptor

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