Dropbox sync glitch results in loss of data

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Dropbox has become a trusted source of cloud file storage, yet recent news related to the company may to some degree tarnish its image. A bug on the popular cloud-based site has recently resulted in Dropbox inadvertently deleting some users’ files.

The bug in question has been related to a feature in Dropbox which is known as Selective Sync. This enables users to save space by only downloading selected folders to local storage. Unfortunately, earlier versions of this software have resulted in Dropbox deleting files when users restart or shutdown their machines as Selective Sync is in progress.

Major issues such as this are relatively uncommon, but given that Dropbox is such a prominent site, there will of course be recriminations regarding this unfortunate issue. But what should come out of this for the average person is the importance of backing up all data as diligently as possible.

Backing up data and setting up disaster recovery provisions in the cloud is actually extremely beneficial for both businesses and private individuals. The quality of data protection now being offered by the cloud is outstanding, with encryption technology continually improving and security actually now superior to traditional methods. Additionally, the ease of use, steadily declining cost involved and the ability to leverage existing IT all makes the cloud an ideal way of backing up data.

At the same time, the computing landscape is evolving rapidly. Perhaps the most pervasive change related to this has been the people-centric approach to the way that data is being delivered, as opposed to the device-centric approach that was inherent previously. Technologies such as Bring Your Own Device are contributing to this.

Having multi-layers of protection for data should be considered absolutely essential based on what has occurred to Dropbox users. With this in mind, you would be well advised to contact Technetics data recovery. Our consultants will help you ensure in a cost-effective fashion that you never need worry about losing valuable data.

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