Why does it take time to recover my data?

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But with the best will in the world, recovering data, particularly for sizeable companies, can take the entity involved with backing it up some time to achieve. While this can be frustrating for the business that requires its data, it is unfortunately unavoidable. So in an attempt to minimise frustration, this article will look briefly at why this process can be a lengthy one.

The first stage of recovering data if necessary is to carry out a mechanical rebuild. This involves rebuilding the physically damaged drives in order to ensure that they work within a data storage environment. In time this will enable data access to be achieved on a virtual level.

Once this stage has been carried out, the next step is to reassemble the framework and image the damaged drive in question. This involves reassembling the framework of the drive and its entire file structure. Additionally, imaging the drive data for off-media recovery is carried out at this point.

The third stage of the process is when data recovery really begins. At this point we repair bad sectors of the disk and extract any source data. This involves analysing the code structure and scanning for any bad sectors present, and then decrypting and repairing any bad sectors within the drive. Once this has been achieved, we can then reassemble data algorithms to enable user level access.

Stage four of the process is extremely important, as it is here that we would carry out a quality assurance process. Any recovered data needs to be checked for quality, and this involves indexing any recovered data in its correct file structure. Once this has been achieved, we will then sample the worst affected data and test it for continuity and health.

The final stage of the process involves transferring the corrected data to new media. Once more, we carry out final checks to ensure that the new media is healthy, and then transfer data and all related file structures to the new device. The very final step is to sample and test the integrity of the data once it is stored by the new media.

So it should hopefully be clear from this that recovering data is not just a simple case of copying from one device to another. It is an involved and technical process, and that is why it can take some time to carry out, and why you would be advised to only entrust your data recovery requirements to experienced companies such as Technetics.

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