David Guetta Loses USB Containing Entire Set

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There’s nothing worse than an important job or project that is heavily reliant on electronic files suddenly coming to a complete standstill because of lost or stolen data. At no other time in history has the smooth running of society depended so much on the reliability of our data-carrying devices.

Recently, international DJ David Guetta was forced to cancel his world tour because of a missing USB drive containing his entire set list. Thousands of dollars in revenue was lost and hundreds of fans were disappointed, all because of the loss of a device that we take for granted and use every day.

Even governments are not immune to data loss problems. The UK, US and Australian governments have each been plagued with incidents of data loss from stolen laptops  laptops containing health information to portable hard drives containing armed forces personnel data and millions of immigrant records. Clearly, this loss can happen anywhere to anyone who is not diligent.

How do we prevent this sort of loss from happening, or at least ensure we do our absolute best to minimise the risks? Obviously, the importance of keeping track of our devices and regularly creating backups cannot be stressed enough. Backing up data onto another device or to the cloud goes a long way toward ensuring that, even if something catastrophic does occur, an up-to-date copy of your data is accessible.

We live in an ever more complex and changing world, and most businesses put quite a bit of faith in their technology. While there are no guarantees, with a little forethought data loss doesn’t have to be the end of the world—or the end of a world tour.

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