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Q: How long does the inspection and quotation take?
A: Usually between 24 and 72 hours subject to qualification and depending on the workload of our data recovery lab.

Q: What if I need my media inspected and quoted urgently?
A: We offer an urgent inspection and quotation service. It attracts a small urgent inspection or urgent recovery fee. It hits the top of the data recovery queue and we work on it as a priority until recovered.

Q: How do I ship the media to you?
A: The most efficient way to get the media to us is via Australia Post Express Post. Please note if you choose not to go ahead with the recovery there will be a return shipping fee. If you choose not to have the media returned we will securely dispose it for you free of charge.

Q: Do I need to include anything in the parcel?
A: Visit the book free inspection page to send the details of your media to us then include the web ID or a print out of the details. If you cannot fill out the form you should include with the media your contact details including email address, a brief description of the problem and a list of the most crucial data on the hard drive. As soon as it arrives we will inform you of the arrival of the media as well as your case number for correspondence.

Q: Are your recoveries price fixed?
A: Yes. After we inspect the media we will provide you with a written fixed price quote. Regardless of how much time or materials we put towards the recovery the quote will not change.

Q: What Does The “No Data No Charge” policy entail?
A: If we cannot recover any data we will not charge you for the recovery process. However we do take an industry standard non-refundable mechanical deposit for parts which may be needed. This policy is subject to qualification.

Q: Why do hard drives fail?
A: Like most electronic devices these days, hard drives have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). Due to hard drive architecture it will eventually fail, it’s just a matter of time. Most cases of media failures are either due to physical failure of the media or human error.

Q: How do I know what you have recovered?
A: We send you a small text file as a report (also know as a “snapshot”) of the files and corresponding directories that we have been able to get access to or recover.

Q: How do you ship the data to me?
A: We use a courier services to deliver media to any address in Australia. Signature will be required on delivery.

Q: What about overseas?
A: We can either upload the data to our FTP server or we can ship it to you via TNT worldwide.

Q: In what format do you ship the data to me?
A: Up to ~4Gb we offer free DVD media (Approximately four DVD’s). Above ~8Gb charges apply. Alternatively you can purchase a hard drive from us or you can supply the destination media yourself.

Q: How do you preserve safety and security?
A: We store all recovered data on one of our encrypted SAN. After 14 days we wipe the data from the SAN at a level that even we can not recover a single sector.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: The best payment method is via Credit Card (AMEX 3% surcharge), we also accepts EFT and Cheque payment however both these methods require clearance prior to the release of data.