Today, smartphones are so much more than simple communication devices. They hold our photos, notes, passwords, voice messages, internet history, and plenty more. As we’ve come to rely more heavily on phones, the stakes for data loss have kept increasing. We all know the jolt when a phone gets wet or something is accidentally deleted - the fear that something might get lost forever. That’s where phone data recovery services in Melbourne can help.

Modern smartphones use flash memory as opposed to storing data on a hard drive, and at Technetics, we’re experts in recovering data from this type of storage. We can assist with Android data recovery, iPhone data recovery, and other makes and models like LG and Microsoft. Whether the loss is caused by physical damage, logical (software) issues, or accidental deletion, our team is equipped to return your data.

Does your mobile phone use a hard drive rather than flash memory? We’re experts at hard drive data recovery too. Take a look at our hard drive services for more information.p


Not all devices use the same operating system (OS). Depending on the OS and model of your phone, our approach to mobile phone data recovery might differ, but our results will always be of the highest quality.

Android Phones

Phones that run on Android OS often use a range of different internal storage methods, including NAND flash memory, SIM cards, and Micro-SD. Our team has extensive experience in Android data recovery, with success in retrieving data across all forms of Android memory storage and causes of data loss.


iPhones run on Apple’s iOS operating software and store data exclusively on NAND flash memory. Modern iPhones use sophisticated data encryption methods that can make data retrieval particularly difficult if the phone is damaged, but this is not always the case. Consult our service page for more information about how we recover data from iPhones.

Recovering lost data from an Android or iPhone

An Android or iPhone can lose data in any number of ways, such as:

  • Accidental deletion (including factory resets)
  • Software (logical) corruption
  • Hardware damage (including broken screens, liquid damage and technical malfunctions)
  • Storage or memory card failure

Virus and malware attacks With a little expertise, phone data recovery is possible. Where data inaccessibility is the result of physical damage, our team can make the necessary repairs. For deletions, we understand that data is not necessarily removed, but the locations are obscured - it’s even possible to recover data after a factory reset on an iPhone or Android. As long as data hasn’t been overwritten following accidental deletion, we can uncover and restore it.

Mobile Device Recovery - The brands we service

There is a huge range of mobile devices on the market today, and we can service nearly all of them. Check out our serviced brands below and if your smartphone isn’t listed, feel free to get in touch to find out how we can assist with your cell phone recovery needs.


Apple has released nearly 40 different iPhone models since 2007. Whether you’re using the latest model or an unsupported early version, we can help recover lost data on your iPhone.


Microsoft doesn’t produce its Windows phones anymore, but whether the issue is physical or logical, we can still retrieve your data.


Android is the major operating system competitor to Apple’s iOS, and we have years of experience in correcting data deletions and other issues. Contact us today to recover data from an android device.


Whether it’s the latest Samsung Galaxy or those early models from the 2010s, we have extensive experience with Samsung handsets.


A great alternative to some of the bigger names, LG phones run on Android OS, just like Samsung and other Apple competitors.


Oppo offers great value for money with an android operating system. Technetics can assist to recover your data on a range of Oppo Phones

Common Mobile Phone Data Recovery Questions

What data can be recovered from a mobile phone?

Think about everything we store on our mobile devices - photos, videos, messages, app-related data, voice memos, text notes - and you start to appreciate the pain caused by data loss. Whether or not the data can be recovered depends on the type of damage, the type of phone memory, and the actions of the user. While some types of catastrophic physical damage and overwritten data can’t be returned, in the majority of cases we can bring back what you’ve lost.

How Effective is Mobile Data Recovery?

With the expertise of the Technetics team and advances in modern techniques, data recovery can be extremely effective. From fixing physical damage to reversing logical issues, nearly everything can be corrected. Only where data has been overwritten or irreversible physical damage has occurred will recovery be unsuccessful.

Can data be recovered after factory resetting a phone?

A factory reset might seem like it deletes all your data, but it doesn’t really. Initially, the addresses for data locations within the memory are removed, but the data isn’t. The data is at risk of being overwritten, though, so it’s important to contact Technetics for help restoring your information in these instances.

Phone Data Recovery Locations

We offer a range of data recovery options, no matter where you’re located in Australia. Please get in touch to find out more about our national services, or visit us in Melbourne.


You can find us in Melbourne at Level 2, 200 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Get in Contact with Technetics Data Recovery Today!

Known for outstanding customer service, we offer every customer, from the IT professional to the home user, an extensive list of benefits including:

  • Fastest Standard Service turnaround time in the industry
  • Free Inspection results in 24 to 48 hours
  • Highest data recovery success rate in the industry
  • All storage devices, all operating systems, all data loss situations
  • Fixed priced quotes
  • Safest data recovery environment in the industry for your personal and confidential data

We can repair flash chips, hard drives, and logic boards in our Class 100 clean room, and our expedient turnaround times put your data back in your hands within days.

Why Choose us?

We’ve earned our reputation as a world leader in data recovery. Every case is treated by skilled engineers with decades of experience – many of our engineers have recovered data from every Apple consumer device, starting with the very first HDD-based iPods. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted files or your device sustained severe water damage, we’ve got you covered.

How can we help?

Data loss on your mobile phone can seem disastrous, but not in the hands of the experts. To find out more about how we can recover your data, contact us today. If you’d like to have our team assess your device, book a free inspection and we’ll provide an obligation-free quote.




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