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Technetics Partner Program - Terms and Conditions

1. Requirements
  • You must have a current ABN

  • There is no fee or minimum requirement to become a Partner

2. Entitlements
  • Our Partners are entitled to an agreed Commission

  • Free Urgent Media Inspections

  • Free Marketing Materials

If you would like further information, please contact our account management team on 1300 880 636

3. Process
  • Technetics Data Recovery needs to be made aware through email or phone of Partner Referrals when we are dealing directly with your client, to ensure correct payment of commission

4. Technetics Data Recovery Terms and Conditions
  • As a member of the Technetics Data Recovery Partner Program, you shall agree to the Technetics Data Recovery Terms and Conditions

  • Technetics Data Recovery reserves the right to make changes to the Program without notice

For the most recent version please refer to our website:

5. Acknowledgment
  • Please acknowledge on behalf of your company by clicking ‘I agree’

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