SD & Memory Card Data Recovery

SD and memory cards hold some of our most precious data. They’re used to capture images on our digital cameras and are crucial storage devices for documents, audio, video and other file types. When something goes wrong, like a corrupted memory card, physical damage or an accidentally-deleted file, it can be incredibly stressful.

At Technetics Data Recovery, we’ve been restoring lost data since 2003, saving memories and recovering lost files for clients of all sizes. We use our experience to unlock and uncover what others can’t, bringing your data back in a range of memory card formats, including SD cards, SDHC, micro SD, MMC Cards, CF Cards and xD-Picture Cards. If you’ve lost data, put your trust in the experience of data recovery experts at Technetics.

Our Memory Card Recovery Services

There are multitudes of memory card formats available, often paired with certain cameras, phones or other media devices. At Technetics we’re equipped to assist with many scenarios for memory and SD card recovery, including:

SD Cards Recovery

A standard format since 1999, modern SD (secure digital) cards can generally hold up to 2GB of data, though the originals held much less. For SD cards, we can assist with damaged cards, accidental deletion and corrupted memory card recovery.

Micro SD Card Recovery

A smaller-sized successor (15mm × 11mm × 1mm) to the original SD card, the Micro SD was once a standard storage device for digital cameras and other media devices. Our Micro SD card data recovery service reverses common issues such as data corruption and data deletion.

SDHC Card Recovery

The first of the SD card lineage to really push the boundaries of small-format data storage, SDHC cards have a capacity of up to 32GB. With so much data available, corruption or accidental deletion can result in large-scale data loss.

MMC Card Recovery

One of the earliest memory card styles, MMC (multimedia card) is the forerunner to the SD card format. Some common issues resulting in data loss for MMC cards include viruses, voltage overloads and accidental removal of the card during data transfer, resulting in corruption.

xD-Picture Card Recovery

Once the standard storage format for Olympus and Fuji cameras, xD-Picture Cards are now used only for older digital cameras. Due to the age, data loss with an xD-Picture Card can be a common issue.

CF Card Recovery

CF or CompactFlash is an older format of solid-state memory card with plenty of iterations since its creation in 1994. You’ll still find the style in use in digital cameras and other modern devices, but some older examples can be prone to issues, including data corruption

Recovering lost photos from a camera!

With the advent of digital cameras in the 1990s and 2000s, memory cards became an indispensable medium for storing digital photos. Whereas film photography is delicate and easily damaged (and once the film roll is gone, it’s gone), issues with data corruption and deletion on memory cards are often recoverable.

At Technetics, we have experience in restoring digital photos to memory cards, even where they’ve been accidentally deleted or the data has been damaged. When looking at how to recover data from a memory card, whether it’s a modern SDXC or an old MMC you’ve recently rediscovered, we use a range of technology solutions to return your precious photographic memories.

File Types for SD Card Recovery

Unlike analogue technologies, digital storage can come in a huge variety of styles and proprietary formats. Digital storage cards like SD and MMC can also be used for multiple file types, formatted to work with different devices and used for direct capture or archival storage. However you’re using your memory card, there’s a good chance you’re storing more than one file type. If you’ve experienced issues with data, we can recover the following file formats:











Other Files


SD Card Recovery - Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover deleted files from an SD Card?

For most people, when a file is deleted, it’s gone forever. For the specialists at Technetics, though, SD card data recovery for deleted files is still possible - it just takes some expertise to bring it back. If you’ve accidentally deleted something that you’d like to recover, the process is as easy as booking a session with one of our specialists. We’ll inspect your card for free and provide information on how to proceed with returning your data

Can you recover data from a corrupted SD Card?

If you’ve ever used an SD card and received an error message, it’s likely your card has been corrupted. This can happen when cards are physically damaged or improperly used (such as being removed at the wrong time), and it’s common in older cards that have been stored long-term. At Technetics, we use our decades of experience along with the latest data recovery technology to restore data to SD cards and other storage formats, even where corruption has occurred.

How to recover deleted files from a micro sd card?

Modern Micro SD cards can hold huge volumes of data - up to 1TB for the latest MicroSDXC. This means that accidental data deletion can remove years worth of images and other files in an instant. We have a deep understanding of how to recover deleted data from a Micro SD card, so book a free inspection with our experts today

We can help in the following situations:

  • Photos deleted accidentally or intentionally
  • Photo loss due to formatting or ‘delete all’ operation
  • Corruption or card error/damage
  • Data Loss due to using different cameras, computers, or other devices

Why Choose Us?

  • Our memory card data recovery services are renowned and respected in the data recovery industry, be it professional photographers, major camera manufacturers or your very own family vacation snaps Technetics can help.
  • We recover photos and data from all manufacturers and Types of memory cards and in all capacities.
  • Our memory card photo recovery service brings outstanding value and quality to our customers. We restore thousands and countless gigabytes of data. We are proud to provide a very high success rate of over 98% when picture data exists on a card.

If you are not sure if we can help you or if you have any specific queries, give us a call. We are here to help.

How can we help?

Bring us your faulty memory card so we can conduct a free inspection. Once we have conducted the free inspection we will give you an obligation free fixed price quote within 24-48 hours. To contact us simply call 1300 880 636 at any time or complete the website form and we will be in contact immediately.

Memory Card Data Recovery Locations

At Technetics, we’re committed to providing Australia-wide data recovery services. You can contact our team for national service or find us in person at the following locations:



Technetics also has a Sydney office, located at Level 17, 9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

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Don’t let precious memories and crucial data slip away - contact us at Technetics Data Recovery for all your data needs. If your memory card data is corrupted, accidentally deleted, incorrectly formatted or physically damaged, we’re dedicated to helping you retrieve your files. To get started, book a free inspection with our expert team. We look forward to hearing from you.




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