Technetics Media Destruction Service

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Under Australian Privacy Laws, businesses must take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information that’s no longer required. Inappropriate disposal of confidential data puts businesses at risk and leaves them open to substantial fines.

And thieves specifically target electronic devices in order to compromise privacy and steal corporate information.

Physical media destruction is the only guaranteed method of permanently eliminating confidential data held on hard drives.

At Technetics Data Recovery, our high-tech shredding machines irreparably destroy all types of hardware and media. We physically destroy hard drives and dispose of the small particles that remain.

For a fixed fee, Technetics Data Recovery will deliver a secure media bin to your premises.

This means you can offer your clients a full media destruction service. Charge them per drive, and simply pop their drives into our bin. When it’s full, we’ll collect it and safely destroy all collected media.

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