Think You Don’t Have Time to Backup Your Data? Think Again!

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Running a Business Means Busyness
We understand how pressed for time business owners are. In fact, our own calendars are jam-packed here at Technetics Data Recovery. Many business owners are so busy that they’re struggling just to keep their current operations afloat. The thought of adding yet another task to the daily grind may be enough to make you want to chuck your day planner across the room. Hey, we get that, and we’ve got some good news about data backup for the busy business owner like yourself: Backing up your data doesn’t have to take any extra time out of your day!

Backing Up with Tape is Time Consuming
Data backup being effortless may be news for business owners that associate data backup with tape drives. As far back as we can remember, backing up data with tape has long been the standard for business. Sure, backing up with tape gets the job done, but it requires daily maintenance.

Backing up with tape gets old fast when someone has to spend time every night swapping out full tapes for new ones. Then there are additional chores required for tape backup, like keeping new tapes in stock and storing and organising full tapes in an easy-to-access location. Additionally, if you’re ever faced with a data loss scenario, then recovering your data from your backed up tapes is a chore and a half. With all the work that goes into backing up with tape, it’s no wonder that many business owners balk at adding data backup to their busy schedules!

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier (or Comprehensive) Than Backing Up With BDR!
Thankfully, backing up your data with Technetics Data Recovery’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution (BDR) is an automatic process that doesn’t take any more time out of your day. Considering your busy schedule and the importance of data backup, BDR is a win-win for your business!

With BDR, Technetics Data Recovery does the work of installing the backup device on your network, and we take on the responsibility of remotely monitoring the backup status of your system. Additionally, if there’s ever a disaster that causes your business to lose its data, BDR lets you easily recover your data. Thanks to BDR’s cloud backup feature, your backed up data is safe and available for restoration, even if something bad happens to your equipment.

BDR gives you the ability to restore your data, even if your office has been damaged by a flood, fire, or user error. This is another feature that gives BDR a huge advantage over tape. If a business is using tapes and there’s a flood or fire, their precious tapes would be ruined–along with any hopes of quickly getting the business back on its feet.

Don’t stress yourself out at the thought of having to backup your company’s data. Thanks to BDR, data backup and recovery is an automatic process, meaning that you don’t have to add anything new to your full plate. Technetics Data Recovery will be overseeing the entire data backup process for you! To take advantage of the effortless BDR solution for your business, give us a call at 1300 880 636!