Are Cheap Hard Drives Worth the Money?

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Price and Storage

Is bigger and cheaper better? Sometimes! But depending on your digital storage needs, occasionally bigger and cheaper should take a back seat to other factors.

Normally, a buyer could reasonably expect to pay upwards of $500 for eight terabytes (that’s 8,000 gigabytes or 8 million megabytes!) of space. Seagate’s drive uses a new technology to add up to 25% more space on the drive for significantly less expense. Businesses, and even home users, are always looking for more space, and everyone loves a bargain, but what else should you consider when purchasing a hard drive?


Speed and Reliability

While Seagate’s new drive offers a surprising amount of space for a relatively tiny price, the read/write speed is significantly lower compared to more conventional drives. Since speed is not necessarily required for data archival, this drive is definitely more appropriate for long-term storage and backups than for everyday use. Especially in a business setting, reliability is a great concern, so you may not want to store all backups on one single drive.



Although reasonable for a business, realistically an individual consumer may not have the need for eight terabytes of storage. Oftentimes we can be lulled into making purchases because we believe that more is better, and that cheaper is even better that that. But bearing in mind the importance of data, take a moment to consider whether that much space is actually needed.


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Photograph: Seagate