Jetstar Passengers Face Delays Due to Data Storage Issue

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Although the problem was fixed by early the next morning, the resulting data loss forced hundreds of passengers to be processed manually for their flights. Although many passengers were rebooked on Qantas, their average delay was between one and three hours—resulting in some very upset customers!

Several took to social media to publicly complain not only about the delays, but also to express their dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from Jetstar. Jetstar offered apologies via the company’s Facebook site, but for some customers it was too little, too late.

In this modern age, losing access to data can impact your business in enormously negative ways and have serious long-term consequences. Jetstar’s experience highlights the importance of data reliability and security, because hardware failure can’t always be prevented. Investing in a professional service to secure and retrieve your data should computer failure occur will lessen the overall impact on your business—and will definitely help keep your public image positive!

In any business, but especially those serving the public, data security and disaster recovery is not the place to cut corners. If the unthinkable occurs, as it did with Jetstar, data must be retrievable as quickly as possible. And if your data is backed up by a professional service like Technetics, it will be! The entire process must be as seamless as possible so as not to adversely affect those who count on your business—like travellers flying for holidays.

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Photograph: Jetstar