Synek Somm – The Web-Connected Wine Dispenser That Adapts To Your Palate

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The Somm, manufactured by Synek, is a countertop wine dispenser that will adapt to your palate, ship wine directly to your home, and pour a perfect glass of expert-approved wine every time.

It uses 2.25-litre cartridges called Sylos, which hold the equivalent to three 750mL bottles of wine. And since Sylos are only slightly larger than a standard bottle, they can be easily stored in regular wine racks.

The cartridges employ a medical-grade pump to extract wine from the Sylo while keeping the remaining wine fresh. Sylos know which wine is stored inside, and optimise the temperature and aeration accordingly to match that specific wine. Shelf life is unaffected, so you can swap out Sylos at any time to enjoy a new wine without worrying about the original wine spoiling.

Somm comes with a smartphone app that gives you detailed information on your wines and how much is left in each Sylo. By rating the wines you like, the app makes recommendations for your next refill, and lets you ship new Sylos directly to your door.

Somm launched on Kickstarter in April 2016, and on its first day raised more than half of the $100,000 fundraising target. At the time of writing, the Somm has 409 backers pledging a total of $115,138 to help bring the project to life.

Synek will initially offer 30 varieties of wine, carefully selected from wineries around the world, and they plan to gradually expand their range to hundreds of options.

The cost will start from US$15 to $150 per Sylo, and US$299 for the Somm itself. The Somm unit comes in Stainless and Onyx, Beachwood, and Dark Oak styles.

And this isn’t Synek’s first project. The company has a successful track record in producing innovative drink dispensers. In 2014, they delivered a unique beer-dispensing system for which they had raised US$650,000 on Kickstarter.