Thought Your Deleted Data Was Unrecoverable? Think Again.

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your critical files?

When files are deleted, the file pointers are removed from the media directory, but the underlying data remains. However, it’s no longer protected by the operating system, leaving it vulnerable to future corruption and overwriting.

But don’t worry – if you act quickly, and the correct recovery process is followed, then your data can usually be fully recovered.

Using an inexperienced recovery service, or attempting self-recovery, can easily backfire and cause further damage. When your data is important, you need to choose an established specialist whose expertise and experience you can rely on.

With our Class 100 Clean Room, Technetics Data Recovery successfully restores deleted files from a wide range of media, using our leading-edge equipment and processes.

For extra peace of mind, we employ strict procedures to ensure your information is completely secure. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Send your storage media to us for a free inspection, and we’ll quickly let you know if we can restore your critical files.


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