Six Things You Thought Were True About Technology, But Aren’t

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Myth 1: You should never charge your device overnight

Are you afraid to charge your device overnight in case the battery is damaged? Don’t worry. Modern gadgets stop charging automatically and won’t overcharge.

Myth 2: You should avoid third-party chargers

Third-party chargers are usually safe to use, although they might not charge your device as quickly and reliably as the official charger. Buy from a reputable company like Monoprice or Belkin for best results, and avoid cheap knockoff chargers from unknown brand names.

Myth 3. Your device can be safely left outside or in the car

Your battery can be damaged by extreme cold and heat. The interior of your car can reach dangerous temperatures in summer. And temperatures can drop to damaging lows outside. Check your manual or the label on the battery to confirm the optimum temperature range.

Myth 4. You must allow your battery to drain completely before recharging

Older nickel-cadmium batteries had a memory effect, meaning they needed to be fully drained for best results. This problem doesn’t affect the lithium-ion batteries found in most modern devices. In fact, lithium-ion batteries perform best when kept between 40% and 80% charge, and they can actually be damaged if left fully discharged for too long.

Myth 5. Your computer should always be turned off at night

In the past, hard drives and other computer parts wore out quickly, and it was recommended to shut down computers at night to prolong their lifespan. Modern computers are more robust and can be left running continually. The computer’s power saving mode will automatically save energy when not in use.

Myth 6. Private browsing gives you complete anonymity

When you activate private browsing on your web browser, it won’t store information about the sites you visit. However this doesn’t hide your activity from your Internet service provider, and the sites you visit can still be checked by law enforcement agencies.