You Can Safely Sleep With The Fishes At Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

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While its competitors are offering designs costing roughly US$11 million per room to build, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel claims its approach will cost only US$3 million per room. This means a typical 12-room construction would cost approximately $36 million. Guests can expect to pay a nightly rate of US$3,000-$6,000 per room. 

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel’s low construction costs are achieved by using a modular prefab design. This can be delivered faster and more scalably than alternative designs used by competitors like Poseidon Resorts and the Water Discus Hotel. 

The structure will be comprised of double-welded steel, and strong, clear acrylic panels. Each room will showcase panoramic views through the transparent ceiling and wall panes. The modular design means pods can be prefabricated and transported to site for assembly, which will be performed using a support vessel (similar to the process used to construct the International Space Station). 

According to Tony Webb, Managing Director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, the steel can be fabricated within 16 weeks, and a further six months is required to install the furnishings, support equipment, and other components. 

Guests will enter via an elevator, which means (unlike other underwater tourist locations) the rooms can be accessed without diving qualifications or equipment.

Sections include a 4.3 x 24.4 metre central corridor, a 4.9 x 18.3 metre air-conditioned lounge, and twelve 5.5 x 3.7 metre bedrooms. Each bedroom will boast a king-size bed, shower, toilet, fridge, Internet access, entertainment system, adjustable LED lighting, and of course, sensational panoramic views. 

Hotels will be deployed at a depth of 8.5 metres, at a pressure of approximately 100,000 Pa. The cylindrical shape of the building is designed to distribute water pressure evenly across the structure. And in the event of serious adverse weather conditions, hotels can move themselves to safer waters using integrated electromechanical propulsion technology. 

The hotels will be also available for upmarket dining, and events like weddings and conferences.