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Illustration of the key and binary code password

b2ap3_thumbnail_zero_trust_400.jpgWhen it feels like everybody is out to get you, there’s only one way to survive: Trust nobody. You may not have too many physical enemies ready to jump you, but there’s an army of hackers wanting to breach your company’s database. One of the securest ways to keep your company’s information safe is to implement a “zero trust” network security model.

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I am writing this letter in appreciation of the work done to salvage the data on our hard drive. This hard drive was for critical machine at our manufacturing site in Oakleigh.For each day this machine is down it is a huge cost to the company. Had we had lost the hard drive, we would have lost 3-4 years worth of critical programs, which could have taken up to 6 months work to replace.We are very grateful as a company for the hard work involved in restoring the files from the hard drive, and more importantly the timely manner in which the process occured.


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