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Why Does Data Recovery Cost So Much?
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Or what if your lost data is personal? You’ve uploaded and organised all your photos and videos from wedding to first steps, and now your laptop won’t turn on. What can you do?

You may have experienced this recently so you know that, fortunately, in most cases, all is not lost! While most of the time there is little that you or your company (even qualified IT employees) can do to retrieve data from damaged software or hardware, Technetics uses advanced technology and highly-trained specialists to recover your lost files. We’re here to make sure you get back as much of your data as possible!

Our data recovery team will first perform an inspection to evaluate your situation. They determine the source of the problem whether it be operating system failure, a compromised file system, physical damage or even accidental deletion! Once a recovery plan has been established and approved by you, the team sets out to retrieve your data.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, the amount of physical manpower involved in recovering your data can be extensive. Our trained technicians, working in highly-regulated environments like our contaminant-free clean room, may even have to physically deconstruct and extract relevant fragments of your hardware in order to begin the process. Sometimes replacement parts are needed in order to properly analyse the data or rebuild the hardware. Getting these parts, especially for older or proprietary systems, can be a unique challenge, but we have the resources to meet it!

From there, data recovery becomes a matter of skill and experience—and we’re the experts! Using our state-of-the-art proprietary software, we pore over every bit of your hardware, repair damaged files and extract the usable information all while making sure your privacy is safe and secure. Depending on the amount of corruption that occurred and amount of data that has been lost, this phase can take several hours. When we’ve recovered your data, we transfer it back to you and remove it from our system.

Each of these steps ensures that we minimise any permanent data loss. Even in what seems like a hopeless case, our knowledgeable and helpful staff will work closely with you. And, remember, if we aren’t able to recover any of your data, there is no charge to you!

For more information please visit or call 1300 880 636.

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I haven't actually received the data back yet, I received notification today that they have successfully backed it up and will be sent in courier overnight, so I am excited to receive it back :) Service has been great, Geronimo has been fantastic to deal with - prompt in replying, answering questions and any concerns I had. The quote was very quick and the recovery was also, I was surprised how quickly the process has taken. I liked that we had the option of providing our own hard-drive, as it did help reduce the cost for us. Hope this helps.


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