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The team at Technetics understands how precious the files on your iPhone are to you. The ever-growing number of documents, videos, messages and photos are the story of our personal and work lives. But if the worst happens, and you need to recover data from your iPhone, there’s no need to panic. While iPhone data recovery can be a complex business, professional, helpful advice is just a phone call away!

From the earliest to the most recent model, the data recovery experts at Technetics can successfully recover all kinds of data from all brands of mobile phones. The iPhone is no exception, so no matter how serious your data issue may look, you can rest easy knowing your phone and data are in the best hands. 

iOS Data Recovery

What does iOS mean? It’s Apple’s trademark name for the operating system designed for Apple mobile products, including the iPad, iPod and, of course, the iPhone. All of Apple's mobile devices are powered by a particular version of iOS. 

As an iOS device, the iPhone can often require specialist knowledge when it comes to resolving faults. The Technetics data recovery engineers have this expert knowledge and use the latest technology to recover all kinds of files stored on your iPhone, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, and documents. 

iPhone Data Recovery Situations

Several scenarios can lead to a need for data recovery. Some of the main issues affecting iPhones are listed below.

iPhone Boot Loop

A boot loop occurs when your iPhone cannot complete the startup process before it reboots. There are many reasons why your iPhone may launch into this endless and frustrating boot loop. Whether it’s physical damage or an iOS upgrade issue, the priority is the safe recovery of your iPhone data. At Technetics, we can arrange a free phone inspection.

iPhone Freezes

Software issues, the iOS operating system, or a lack of memory or storage could cause your iPhone to lag or freeze. Worse still, physical or water damage to your iPhone can lead to your device not working at all. Technetics data recovery experts can give you the best advice after a free phone inspection.

iOS Upgrade Issues

It’s not uncommon for an iPhone to malfunction after an iOS upgrade. Often, a  factory reset is the only course of action left to resolve freezing, lagging or startup failures. Unfortunately, this action erases all data on your iPhone. However, our data recovery team can provide a free inspection and advice on how to proceed, either before or immediately following a factory reset.

iPhone Water Damage Recovery

Water damage to your iPhone may mean it’s the end of the road for your phone, but the good news is that data recovery is possible. We can inspect your iPhone for free to assess the damage and determine what can be retrieved.

Accidental deletion

If you have deleted files in error or have performed a factory reset on a malfunctioning device, the best course of action is to turn off your iPhone as soon as possible. Then reach out to our team. We have the latest tools to assess if your data has been overwritten and what can be successfully salvaged

Attempts to jailbreaks leading to device failure

Jailbreaking your iPhone leaves it vulnerable to a malware attack, particularly if you’re not using a VPN. Data loss can result, or your phone may become inoperable. If you suspect your phone is at risk of data loss, our data recovery experts can provide you with a free phone inspection.

How Much Will an iPhone Data Recovery Cost?

We offer a free inspection of your iPhone and can give you a fixed-price quote within 24-48 hours. If we cannot retrieve your data successfully, there’s no fee to you at all. You have nothing to lose - get in touch with us now for your free inspection.

How Long Does it Take to Recover iPhone Data?

Our free inspection and quote will include an expected turnaround time. Know that we have the industry's fastest standard turnaround time but also offer an express service for urgent data recovery (for a fee).

Common Mobile Phone Data Recovery Questions

Some of the most common questions you might have regarding the data recovery of your iPhone are answered below:

Is the data in an iPhone data recovery confidential?

Absolutely! Rest assured we treat all our data recovery operations with the utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality. Not only that, once we’ve sent you your recovered data, we store it on our encrypted network for 14 days before complete deletion - so it’s unrecoverable, even to us.

Is iPhone data recovery safe?

Yes - we have decades of experience safely retrieving data from all kinds of storage and phone devices. If your device has been physically or water damaged, we can attempt to fix it so you can continue using your phone post-data recovery.

What do I do when my iPhone says attempting data recovery?

You can safely try a few things if you’ve attempted an update and find yourself facing this worrying message. Firstly, try pressing the Home button and wait for the update to complete. Alternatively, you can force a restart of your phone. If neither option works, you may need to have your phone put into recovery mode. Unfortunately, this option can lead to the erasing of data on your phone, so contact us beforehand, and we can provide a free inspection and quote to recover your data.

iPhone Data Recovery Locations

We have physical offices conveniently located in Melbourne and Sydney. We also use a courier service to deliver your device anywhere in Australia. Check out further location details below:

Melbourne iPhone Data Recovery

You can find us in Melbourne at Level 2, 200 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Sydney iPhone Data Recovery

For Sydney services, we’re on Level 17, 9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

Get in Contact With Technetics Data Recovery Today!

Wherever you are in Australia, the team at Technetics can help. So don’t delay; reach out to us now. Our data recovery team can make an assessment and advise on the best course of action for the best data recovery outcome.

Why Choose us?

We’ve earned our reputation as a world leader in data recovery. Every case is treated by skilled engineers with decades of experience – many of our engineers have recovered data from every Apple consumer device, starting with the very first HDD-based iPods. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted files or your device sustained severe water damage, we’ve got you covered.

Known for outstanding customer service, we offer every customer, from the IT professional to the home user, an extensive list of benefits including:

  • Fastest Standard Service turnaround time in the industry
  • Free Inspection results in 24 to 48 hours
  • Highest data recovery success rate in the industry
  • All storage devices, all operating systems, all data loss situations
  • Fixed priced quotes
  • Safest data recovery environment in the industry for your personal and confidential data

We can repair flash chips, hard drives, and logic boards in our Class 100 clean room, and our expedient turnaround times put your data back in your hands within days.

How can we help?

Bring us your faulty iPhone or iPad so we can conduct a free inspection. Once we have conducted the free inspection we will give you an obligation free fixed price quote within 24-48 hours. To contact us simply call 1300 880 636 at any time or complete the website form and we will be in contact immediately.

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