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This can be complicated by the fact that there are so many data storage methods open to companies today. The complex, diverse and competitive nature of modern business often means taking advantage of several of these data storage methods, and this can make the process of backing up and recovering your data immensely complicated.
Of course, there’s almost no worse situation for a business than for it to lose large amount of its data. Information is pretty much the most important product that the business possesses, and it is thus essential to ensure that data is secure at all times. In the event of a data emergency, companies need to know that all of their critical information can be recovered.
That’s where Technetics comes in. We are extremely experienced in dealing with all manner of data recovery, and this means that effectively we offer your business peace of mind. Some of the devices that we are accustomed to dealing with at Technetics are as follows:
• Hard Drives
• RAID Drives
• USB Data Drives
• Memory Card Drives
• Portable Hard Drives
• Video Camera Data
• Tape-Based Data
• Cloud Backup Data
We offer a unique and extremely customer-focused service, and ensure that any issues with storage devices are overcome rapidly and accurately. We are extremely proud of our 100% success rate with bad sector recovery, and you know when you place your faith in us for data recovery that you are certain to get the results that you want.
Technetics can recover all data contained on a disk drive, whether this is one of the large industrial drives which are often used to store vast amounts of information, or even a tiny thumb drive.
Do not underestimate the importance of data recovery. It is estimated that lost data costs companies worldwide an incredible total of $1.7 trillion in losses every year. There is no need for your customers to be part of this incredible statistic, contact Technetics Data Recovery today and allow us to take care of your customer’s data backup and recovery needs.
Aside from the quality of our operation, we also offer a no data / no charge guarantee which ensures that your customers get their data back for an extremely competitive price, and you benefit from offering our service as a competitive advantage over your competition.
It is a no-Brainer to use or Data recovery service today. Whether it is to provide added value for your customers or add another revenue stream to contribute to your bottom line, don’t forget to send your Data Recovery jobs.
From all the team we look forward to another prosperous year in partnership. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the partner program please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 880 636