The Commercial Myth and Folly of Data Storage

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Cloud computing is but merely one factor which has contributed to a vast increase in the amount of data being produced and collected. Other facets of contemporary society such as 24-hour security cameras, social media feeds, and the Internet itself are all generating huge amounts of data on a daily basis.
At a Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, California in August 2010, the almost unfathomable exponential growth in data was aptly summed up by Eric Schmidt, then and current CEO of Google.  Schmidt suggested that the human race created as much data in two days at that time as it had in all human history up to the year 2003.
This is truly an information age. Yet despite the vast amounts of data being collected, collated and stored, many commercial enterprises are not valuing the importance of storing this information in a satisfactory fashion.
It is still extremely common to see consumer-grade devices being utilised every day in businesses of all sizes. This is particularly common among SMEs, but even large corporations believe that attempting to cut corners on storage devices can benefit the bottom line. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.
To exacerbate what is already a serious situation, many of the companies in question don’t even have a satisfactory backup and disaster recovery plan, and in some extreme cases there is no disaster or recovery plan in place at all. One can only imagine what disaster will befall these businesses when their cheap data storage drives fail.
In accordance with this general trend, there is a common misconception that larger data storage means better quality. One can perhaps understand this skewed logic, but in actual fact this is emphatically not the case. All storage device manufacturers have consumer-grade equipment which is intended for home usage, and then also produce enterprise-grade hard drives which are intended for commercial companies.
Failing to invest satisfactorily in data storage devices is quite simply false economy. There is a raft of statistical information which indicates that data and information is among the most valuable commodities that a company can possess. Businesses should always use Enterprise-grade storage devices, and treat information with the respect and due diligence that it warrants.
Ultimately, data backup is extremely important for any business, and it is not something that should be taken lightly, or used as a money saving operation. Don’t take risks with second-rate data storage solutions, contact the experts at Technetics on 1300 880 636 and give yourself true peace of mind and security.