Hard Drive Destruction Service

Need Professional Data Sanitisation?

Getting rid of your computer? Upgrading your server? Selling your Data Storage Equipment?

Did you know, in most cases your data can be fully or partially recovered by running a simple process? Bring your media to us and we will ensure it is impossible to recover your data through defence grade data sanitation processes adhering to Government Departmental standards. We offer a range of Sanitisation services, depending on your media:

We Perform Sanitisation for a Wide Range of Media, Including:

  • Desktop PC/Mac
  • Laptop PC/Mac
  • Single Drive Servers
  • RAID Servers
  • Removable Hard Drives (External HDDs)
  • USB/Flash Drive
  • SD/Memory Card

Sanitisation Services For Hard Disk Drives

We Offer Our Clients Three Options to Sanitise their Hard Disk Drives:

  • Sanitisation – zero out sectors in the HDD
  • Degaussing – render the HDD un-reusable
  • Physical – shred the physical device

We have experience with a huge range of brands, for example:

  • Seagate
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Western Digital (WD)
  • All USB/Flash Drive Brands
  • All SD/Memory Card Brands

We Can Perform Sanitation from All Operating Systems:

  • All Microsoft Platforms
  • All Apple Mac Platforms
  • All Linux Platforms
  • All Unix Platforms
  • All Novell Platforms

Sanitisation Services For Tape Media

The Option for Tape Media is as below:

  • Physical destruction

We Perform Sanitation for a wide range of Tape Media including:


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