Hitachi SAN Data Recovery

Despite their reputation for excellence, Hitachi SAN devices are as prone to data loss issues as any other storage system. Fortunately, the expert team at Technetics Data Recovery are here to help with fast turnarounds and very high data recovery success rates.

Can you recover data from a Hitachi SAN?

A subsidiary of Western Digital (WD), Hitachi has a strong reputation for developing reliable and high quality SAN (Storage Area Network) devices. Unforeseen circumstances can result in a loss of data, which often requires expertise to resolve in a complex piece of equipment such as a SAN device.

At Technetics Data Recovery, our team of technicians have the knowledge, skills and specialised tools required to diagnose and resolve data loss issues in Hitachi SANs, with an understanding of the complex file systems, RAID arrays and their magnetic printed circuit boards. As experienced and certified data recovery specialists, you can rely on us to diagnose and resolve data loss issues with high success rates and the short turnaround times. Our approach is always safe and never voids manufacturer warranties.

Common causes of data loss on Hitachi SAN

Despite their excellent reliability, Hitachi SANs can still break down from time to time. Typical issues can include:

  • Failure of one or several disk drives
  • Logical or physical failure causing system crashes
  • Data loss due to bad sectors or virus attacks
  • Accidental deletion of data or formatting a volume
  • Errors in the RAID consistency
  • Array degradation
  • Physical damage from drops, spills and natural disasters such as fire, floods and storms.

How to recover data from Hitachi SAN

Hitachi SAN data recovery can become complex, with the appropriate recovery strategy dependent on their RAID configuration, the cause of the data loss issue and other factors. Our experts have the appropriate skill set, experience and specialised tools required to understand, diagnose and resolve various data loss problems within Hitachi SANs, no matter how they are configured.

If data loss occurs, don’t panic or try using any data recovery software to fix the issue. Instead, turn your device off and contact our team to arrange a free inspection. At Technetics Data Recovery, our specialists have decades of experience and will work quickly and hard to get your valuable data back. We have all of the necessary software and tools to recover your information, taking a tailored approach according to each data recovery scenario.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for Hitachi SAN recovery?

Technetics Data Recovery we specialise in Hitachi SAN data recovery, with many years of experience dealing with a wide variety of data loss scenarios.

  • 95% data recovery success rate
  • Efficient and reliable service
  • Risk-free diagnostics
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and customer support
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • Specialised facilities, tools and utilities

From 2003 until today, the Technetics Data Recovery team has helped thousands of Australian and international businesses and domestic customers recover their precious files, photos, videos and other data.

Other SAN brands we work with

In addition to Hitachi SAN data recovery services, we are also experienced at dealing with a range of other brands including:

Frequently Asked Questions about Hitachi SAN data recovery

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