HPE Simplivity SAN Data Recovery

When it comes to protecting and backing up data, HPE Simplivity SAN units are among the most reliable products. However, data loss is always a possibility. At Technetics Data Recovery, we specialise in recovering essential files from SANs, assisting clients with a 95% success rate.

Can you recover data from an HPE Simplivity SAN?

HPE Simplivity SANs (Storage Area Networks) are a popular choice for businesses looking for a fast and reliable data storage and backup solution. While data loss and other hardware failures can occur, the unique infrastructure and RAID configuration makes data recovery possible in the vast majority of cases, especially when managed by experts like the team at Technetics Data Recovery.

HPE SimpliVity is designed to protect data against failures at multiple levels. This includes protecting data, including VMs and backups, against SSD failure using RAID via an accelerated HPE Smart Array controller. All data is then written to two nodes to protect against the loss of a single node, which each independently manages its own data. This ensures data is stored in two or more locations to protect against failures occurring in different areas.

Common causes of data loss on HPE Simplivity SAN

While data loss is a fairly rare occurrence with HPE Simplivity SANs, the potential risk exists regardless of the type and configuration of hardware. Causes of data loss can include:

  • Failed hardware
  • System node failure
  • Malware or ransomware attacks
  • Physical damage to the unit
  • Accidental deletion and other examples of human error

How to recover data from HPE Simplivity SAN

At Technetics Data Recovery, we can use our experience, expertise and tools to quickly diagnose and resolve the data loss issue. Our deep understanding of HPE Simplivity and SAN, NAS and RAID systems in general equips us with the confidence to successfully recover data in most cases, regardless of the cause. With tunable, high-frequency full backups, HPE Simplivity SANs offer near-continuous data protection, which considerably reduces or entirely negates the impact of data loss incidents.

HPE Simplivity SANs represent all your files using metadata, with unique data being visible by sending indexes, which are more lightweight than the data and metadata itself. This means HPE SimpliVity backups send truly unique blocks rather than tracking and sending changed data or the full data set. This enables faster backups as well as more reliable and efficient recoveries when data loss occurs. As soon as you experience data loss issues with your HPE Simplivity SAN device, power it down and reach out to our team.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for HPE Simplivity SAN recovery?

Regardless of the cause, our team has the resources, tools, and knowledge to diagnose and resolve data loss issues in your HPE Simplivity SAN unit.

  • Very high success rates for data recovery
  • Quick, reliable service
  • Risk-free diagnostics
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and customer support
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • State of the art facilities, tools and utilities

Since 2003, Technetics Data Recovery has offered data recovery services to domestic and commercial clients across Australia and even overseas.

Other SAN brands we work with

In addition to Hitachi SAN data recovery services, we are also experienced at dealing with a range of other brands including:

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