No matter how good the technology, storage systems can fail and ioSafe NAS devices are no different. At Technetics Data Recovery, we’re here to help with our team of ioSafe NAS data recovery specialists able to restore lost data with an extremely high success rate.

Can you recover data from an ioSafe NAS?

ioSafe NAS (Network-attached Storage) units offer an advanced range of features that make them popular for high level commercial and domestic usage. This includes their flagship fireproof and waterproof five bay 1522+ NAS device. With this level of durability and reliability, it’s easy to feel assured that data loss won’t occur. But however unlikely, it’s always a possibility. An ioSafe NAS device can eventually fail over time from wear and tear or sudden, unexpected accidents.

No matter what happens, data recovery is possible in the vast majority of cases with the right expert assistance. At Technetics Data Recovery, we specialise in recovering essential data from a range of NAS devices. With decades of experience and industry-leading facilities and tools at our disposal, you can be confident in our ability to resolve your ioSafe data loss issue.

Common causes of data loss on ioSafe NAS

Aside from physical damage, ioSafe NAS devices are vulnerable to logical errors and human mistakes that result in lost data. Common causes include disk failure, viruses, unexpected power surges or power failures as well as accidental deletion and other human errors. We understand that losing all your data can be extremely stressful when it happens out of nowhere. Fortunately, our specialists can recover your data in most cases, even where the device itself is beyond repair.

How to recover data from ioSafe NAS

If you experience data loss issues with your ioSafe NAS device, stop using the device and turn it off. Avoid any attempts at DIY repairs, reformatting or rebuilding as this can cause permanent corruption or data loss. Get in touch with the Technetics Data Recovery team for a proper inspection and diagnosis. This process is free and comes with a no-obligation fixed price quote once we determine the cause of the data loss issue and how we can resolve it.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for ioSafe NAS recovery?

At Technetics Data Recovery, our team is dedicated to helping every client get their valuable data back in the quickest possible time frame. Our experience covers a whole range of different situations where data loss can occur across different NAS devices and configurations so you can rely on us.

  • Extremely high success rate
  • Premium level service every time
  • Risk-free diagnosis of your ioSafe NAS device
  • Assured confidentiality and customer support
  • Strong track record of customer satisfaction
  • Modern facilities, tools and utilities

From small businesses in Australia to large international corporations, we can assist you with your data recovery needs.

Other NAS brands we work with

In addition to ioSafe NAS data recovery, we can also resolve issues with a variety of other NAS devices including:

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