Have you lost access to documents, photos, videos and other files on your QNAP NAS? The experts at Technetics Data Recovery can help with fast data recovery services in Melbourne and Sydney.

Can you recover data from a QNAP NAS?

QNAP NAS (Network-attached Storage) systems are popular smart data storage devices, consisting of one or more hard drives that are always connected to the internet. It means you can build your own private cloud in the office or at home, where you can centrally store, manage and share files among colleagues or family members that can be accessed from computers or mobile devices. Easy-to-use, highly secure and with great features, more and more Australians are relying on QNAP to store and share files conveniently and quickly over a shared network.

Unfortunately, like almost any other piece of equipment or technology, QNAP NAS can be prone to occasional failures and outages that result in the accidental loss of precious data. Fortunately, data recovery is possible in most cases when handled by experts like the team at Technetics Data Recovery.

Common causes of data loss on QNAP NAS

QNAP NAS units offer some of the best available data storage and sharing solutions for both home users and small to medium businesses. Despite the increased reliability of NAS systems like QNAP, the risk of failures and data loss is always there. Common causes of data loss include:

  • Hardware component damage
  • Unstable firmware
  • Software malfunctions
  • Human error (e.g. accidental deletion of files)
  • System failures and
  • Control board failures

How to recover data from QNAP NAS

The right RAID data recovery strategy depends on the cause of the issue. Solutions can range from being as simple as recovering accidentally deleted files from the network recycle bin to going through a complex process of elimination when data loss arises with no clear cause. Regardless of what caused the initial issue, the data recovery team at Technetics Data Recovery can expertly run the required diagnostics and determine the appropriate pathway to resolving your data loss issue.

If you experience data loss or any other catastrophic problem with your QNAP NAS device, power it down. Avoid attempting to rebuild the device or run any data recovery software as this can actually reduce the chances of a successful recovery as well as increase the time and cost required to recover data. Instead, power your QNAP down and contact us immediately for a prompt response.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for QNAP NAS recovery?

At Technetics, we are specialists in NAS raid data recovery. Our team has extensive experience dealing with a variety of data loss scenarios and have the skills and confidence to know what to do and how to best start the process.

  • Very high success rate
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Risk-free diagnostics
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and customer support
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • State of the art facilities, tools and utilities

Established in 2003, Technetics Data Recovery has extensive experience performing data recoveries for a range of clients, from individuals to businesses large and small.

Other NAS brands we work with

In addition to QNAP NAS devices, we also provide data recovery services for other brands including:

Frequently Asked Questions about QNAP data recovery

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