Experiencing data loss on your Synology NAS device is stressful, especially when used to store essential files. Fortunately, the specialists at Technetics Data Recovery can recover your data efficiently with a very high success rate.

Can you recover data from a Synology NAS?

Synology NAS (Network-attached Storage) servers typically come in two forms with different RAID configurations - Rackstation and DiskStation. Synology NAS devices allow you to build a secure private cloud that’s completely under your control while easily expanding storage without worrying about losing access to your files if there’s a security breach or issue with your cloud provider service.

As with any server or storage technology, data loss can occur with Synology NAS devices. Keep in mind that data recovery is almost always possible with the right expert assistance. However, any hasty steps taken can cause irreversible damage to your data. At Technetics Data Recovery, our dedicated team specialises in Synology NAS data recovery services. We use industry-leading tools and highly advanced techniques to successfully recover data from Synology NAS systems, whether data loss occurs due to corruption, physical crash or human error.

Common causes of data loss on Synology NAS

Synology NAS units are reliable, budget friendly and compact solutions for data storage. However, if one or more of the hard drives in the Synology NAS fail, extensive data loss can occur. Common causes include:

  • Faulty configuration (e.g. entering the incorrect volume number during configuration),
  • Power loss or incomplete repair
  • Firmware errors, errors in firmware can also occur if, for example, a power outage or hard drive failure occurred while updating NAS firmware.
  • Physical damage, malware attack and mechanical failure are among other reasons Synology data loss can occur.

How to recover data from Synology NAS

If you experience data loss or any other catastrophic problem with your Synology NAS device, first thing’s first - turn it off. Stop using the device immediately and do not attempt any repair or rebuild. Doing so can cause permanent data loss or corruption. It’s a common issue we see - a minor data loss problem turns into severe irreversible damage or loss following the attempt of an unqualified or amateur fix.

Instead, contact our team immediately so we can diagnose and determine the appropriate RAID data recovery solution. So long as the data lost in your Synology NAS has not been securely overwritten or erased, we will be able to recover your data in the vast majority of cases. With our modern data lab and experienced team of experts, it’s very rare that lost data can’t be recovered.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for Synology NAS recovery?

At Technetics Data Recovery, we strive to help return valuable data back to every client in the fastest possible time frame. With experience in a wide range of data loss scenarios and a variety of different devices, you can rely on our specialists.

  • Reliable and efficient service
  • Very high success rate
  • Risk-free diagnostic process
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and customer support
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • State of the art facilities, tools and utilities

Whether you’re a small to medium sized business, large corporation or an individual, we can help recover the files that mean everything to you.

Other NAS brands we work with

We specialise not only in Synology NAS data recovery, but in a variety of other brands as well, including:

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