Have you lost important data from your Thecus NAS device? With the experts at Technetics Data Recovery, there’s no need to worry with our capable team able to recover all data with a 95% success rate.

Can you recover data from a Thecus NAS?

Thecus NAS (Network-attached Storage) devices are popular data storage and sharing solutions that often use RAID technologies. Ideal for home or business use, a built-in print server, HDMI port and multiple USB ports for attaching external drives makes it a convenient device to use as a central media centre. Thecus NAS data storage systems are incredibly reliable with no SATA hard drives on its mainboard, meaning it is not susceptible to damage or failure from wear and tear.

This does not mean data loss and hard drive failure are not possible, however. If you do experience data loss on your Thecus NAS device, the experts at Technetics Data Recovery can help. We have decades of experience recovering data from storage systems including RAID systems and have the skills and resources to efficiently diagnose and recover data lost from your Thecus NAS system.

Common causes of data loss on Thecus NAS

Most issues with Thecus NAS devices are related to mechanical and electronic issues. This includes physical damage from improper handling and drops or abnormal voltage supply from the power source. Incompatibility with firmware updates can also cause data loss issues along with improper RAID array configuration. High temperature environments can also lead to malfunctions in the device. A red warning LED will often indicate a serious problem with your Thecus NAS device.

How to recover data from Thecus NAS

If you notice error messages or experience any data loss, stop using the device and get in touch with our NAS data recovery experts for assistance. Avoid trying to rebuild your Thecus NAS or installing illegal recovery software as these can worsen the issue and cause irreversible data loss. Thecus NAS devices are typically set up with RAID 5 configuration, which can store data across several disks. This distributes data across the disks in a way that makes recovery possible but difficult to gain access to without the right expertise.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for Thecus NAS recovery?

At Technetics Data Recovery, our team takes pride in delivering honest, efficient and high quality data recovery services. With decades of experience and a fully equipped state of the art data recovery lab featuring a Class 100 Clean Room, you can count on us to perform top level recoveries for any NAS, SAN, RAID and Server appliances.

  • Quick and reliable service
  • Very high success rate
  • Risk-free diagnostic process
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and customer support
  • High levels of customer satisfaction
  • Premium facilities, tools and utilities

We help individuals, large corporations and small and medium sized businesses across Australia and worldwide with their data recovery needs.

Other NAS brands we work with

In addition to Thecus NAS data recovery, we also have experience working with a wide range of other devices including:

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