Lost essential data on your (WD) Western Digital NAS? Based in Melbourne and Sydney, the experts at Technetics Data Recovery help clients worldwide with fast and reliable data recovery services.

Can you recover data from a WD NAS?

WD NAS (Network-attached Storage) devices are popular storage units in home and commercial settings with two main varieties - My Book and My Cloud. Both NAS devices allow users to access files within the same network while keeping it secure with 256-bit hardware encryption. Like any NAS device, data loss can result from corruption, damage or other issues in the device.

When data loss occurs with WD NAS devices, the process has to account for peculiarities utilised by the system for storing files. This is fortunately something the expert team at Technetics Data Recovery has experience in managing, with a high success rate of recovery across a variety of data loss scenarios.

Common causes of data loss on WD NAS

Data loss in WD NAS units can occur following hard drive failure, corruption, physical damage, file system errors or mechanical failure. Some signs you may notice include a loud grinding or clicking noise from the drive. If you notice this, it’s often a sign of imminent failure and you should save your data before it gets lost. Recovering lost data from a physically damaged NAS is an intricate process and requires in-depth knowledge and experience along with the latest tools to ensure a successful recovery while preventing further damage.

How to recover data from WD NAS

Instead of user-defined file names and directory structures, WD NAS system algorithms utilise and approach that resembles arbitrary character sequences referred to as "content IDs". The actual file names are specified in another “files" table within an index database which maintains a unique ID for each file as well as information about the folder it comes from and other metadata. This database is required for the data recovery process in order to see the file system in a comprehensible form instead of its technical layout.

When the drive is corrupted, don’t try to reinstall or format the system software to restore lost data. This can potentially worsen the issue. Our experts can retrieve it. If you experience data loss, simply power your WD NAS device down and contact us immediately. No matter what caused the initial issue, our experienced data recovery team can diagnose and find the best pathway to restoring your lost data.

Why choose Technetics Data Recovery for WD NAS recovery?

At Technetics, we specialise in recovering lost data from WD NAS devices and other RAID and NAS systems. Our team has the experience, in-depth skills and confidence to resolve your data loss issue.

  • Very high success rate
  • Prompt and reliable service
  • Risk-free diagnostics
  • Guaranteed security, privacy confidentiality and customer support
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • State of the art tools, facilities and utilities

Established in 2003, Technetics Data Recovery has decades of experience assisting individuals and businesses large and small with their data recovery needs.

Other NAS brands we work with

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